Elevate your business by sending off each purchase wrapped up in beautifully designed packaging.  
What You'll Get
Bag / Box design
An eye catching, on brand design that reflects your company. Skillfully designed packaging has the power to evoke the experience of interacting with your business and products.
custom packaging pattern
I will design a unique pattern that suits your company's style and brand. A great pattern can call attention to your packaging, whether it's on the packaging itself or on a tissue paper lining.
sticker design
Great for small purchases or campaigns. Stickers can be created with a blank area for writing in prices, a customer's name, greeting etc. 
calling card
Pop this into your customers bag or box with their purchase. It can tell your customers how much you appreciate them and you can let them know about your online presence.  
Print Services (Optional): I will manage everything that requires printing. This includes sourcing and communicating with the printer that best suits your needs and budget, choosing paper stock types or other mediums, and shipping the finished products to you or notifying you when they are ready for pickup. Your involvement can be as great or as minimal as your schedule allows. 
Revisions: I, as the designer, show you the work I have completed and you, as the client, get to tell me if I am heading in the right direction, provide input, and give me the go ahead to continue working. 
In the case where 2 revisions are being provided, one will be set to take place in the draft/rough sketch stage, to allow you to provide me with direction and ensure we are on the same page. The second will occur when I am presenting a more finished product to which you may request any final tweaks be made. You may request additional revisions if you feel they are necessary.
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