Perfect for a new or established business that wants to extend their online presence through social media.
What You'll Get
Social Media Setup
I will take care of the nitty gritty task of getting your business details into your chosen platform and customizing settings to suit your needs. 
Asset Creation
I will include one original design that suits your brand for use on your social media platform. This might be a banner, profile image, or a background to be used in future posts. Additional assets may be requested.
Asset Editing
If you have existing assets that you would like to use on your social media platform I can edit any photographs or design elements to ensure they look modern and professional.  
Set of Starter Posts
To get your social media rolling I can create a set of posts that follow your brand standards and let your followers and page visitors know that you are open for business.
Revisions: I, as the designer, show you the work I have completed and you, as the client, get to tell me if I am heading in the right direction, provide input, and give me the go ahead to continue working. 
In the case where 2 revisions are being provided, one will be set to take place in the draft/rough sketch stage, to allow you to provide me with direction and ensure we are on the same page. The second will occur when I am presenting a more finished product to which you may request any final tweaks be made. You may request additional revisions if you feel they are necessary.
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