Social Media Plus is perfect for a new business or an established business that wants to extend their online presence through social media.
What You'll Get
It's critical for a business to have a short, easy to remember website domain. I will help you find and purchase the domain that suits your business.
Depending on your needs, budget, and experience level working with web design tools I will find a website hosting service that suits you and your business. 
Website Design
I will design your website to be an extension of your face to face business, it will replicate the experience your customers have when on location, but from the comfort of their home. 
I will provide you with a 2 hour photo session during which I can take high quality photos of your business and your team. Providing high quality images of your business can help your customers get to know you before they contact you. (Includes photo editing) 
Social Media Plus Pricing 
Website Plus Pricing, Includes 2 Revisions: $500
*Revisions: I, as the designer, show you the work I have completed and you, as the client, get to tell me if I am heading in the right direction, provide input, and give me the go ahead to continue working. 
In the case where 2 revisions are being provided, one will be set to take place in the draft/rough sketch stage, to allow you to provide me with direction and ensure we are on the same page. The second will occur when I am presenting a more finished product to which you may request any final tweaks be made. You may request additional revisions if you feel they are necessary, in this case an extra $50/ revision will be added to your invoice. 
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